More and more, people travel in search of new experiences, life-experiences associated to different outdoor activities. The use of sports as an added value for tourism has been increasing since the Eighties, allied to the emergence of a new philosophy in the management of this concept that combines adventure, eco-tourism and the cultural aspects of the tourist destination. 

Thus, active tourism is a way to enhance the activity of the individual tourist.

For this reason, the Sintra Municipality decided to launch the ActiveSintra, brand, as a way of promoting active tourism, attracting and retaining visitors all year round and for longer stays.

Associated to the brand is this web site that will gather all necessary information for those who want to experience a true adventure in Sintra!

ActiveSintra and all its partners – accommodation and business – are committed to the promotion of sustainable active tourism, in order to enhance the experience of the visitor, improve the quality of local life and contribute to a greener Sintra.

Sintra, World Heritage

Located in the Lisbon area, the Portuguese town of Sintra is considered one of the most privileged sites in the country for tourism and leisure.

The exceptional conditions of Sintra’s geographic location and environmental qualities have led to its settlement since ancient times.

Within its territory the town includes the Cultural Landscape of Sintra, recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995. This unique category, created specifically for this blend of natural landscape and cultural heritage, covers part of the Serra de Sintra (the Sintra Mountain), including the town’s historical centre and its monuments. All this harmoniously enveloped by indigenous flora, forming an extraordinary and unique natural and architectural ensemble. 

For all this, and much more, come discover Sintra and enjoy unique moments in a place that brings together tradition, culture and customs with sports and leisure.

From hiking to mountain biking, from rock-climbing and rappel in the Serra to bodyboarding on the beaches, the activities Sintra offers its visitors and residents are many and varied.

Discover the beaches, green spaces, parks and palaces of Sintra or participate in a leisure or sports activity in one of the most beautiful places of the planet. This is the motto of the new international campaign that promotes Active Tourism in Sintra.

We offer a wide range of sports activities

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Air sports

Be dazzled by the landscape and experience the euphoria of altitude, in a mixture of unique sensations that will show you Sintra in a memorable perspective.

Water Sports

Sintra’s vast Atlantic coastal area is perfect for the practice of water sports such as Surfing, Bodyboard, SUP and Canoeing.

Land Sports

With hundreds of duly marked trails in the mountain and rural areas, as well as along the coastline, Sintra is the ideal spot for riding MBT, rock-climbing or hiking.


Sintra INN
 is an innovative project by the Sintra Municipal Council in association with dozens of small promoters from the municipality. Sintra INN is a platform with the purpose of frame-basing and centralizing the supply of local lodging facilities and making it available on the Internet for a market of millions of potential visitors.

Câmara Municipal de Sintra
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